AI and ethics on Helsinki Open Waves

In the first episode of Surviving the Academia, Jose Cañas-Bajo (host) and professor
Pertti Saariluoma (guest) are discussing on actual topic on artificial intelligence and ethics:

  • Why AI is an important topic to study especially on ethical perspective?
  • In which disciplines AI will be current in the future?
  • How AI can help us and be present in our daily life ?

In addition, the following perspectives are also highlighted:
1) The lack of resources that scientific research has nowadays due to the economical crisis and the COVID-19.
2) The difficulties to build up an academic career for researchers within universities and
3) The new and trendy University models which try to build bridges between the academia and the private sector and its impact on the structural and pedogeological impact on the institutions.

You are welcome to follow the conversation here.